App Release Update June 1, 2016

Since we launched Hexo+ on the market in 2015, we have been working tirelessly to refine and improve the Hexo+ user experience, especially within the app. While larger developments like the upcoming Magic Wand feature are on the horizon for later this year, we have made some recent improvements to the current system that will enable you to capture even better quality footage than before. Here is a quick snapshot of the app update:

Bugs Fixed

We corrected some bugs that were causing erratic behavior during failsafes. Although rare, these bugs presented some safety concerns, and we have addressed them, which will increase the robustness of the app and drone behavior.

Ground Detection Refined

We improved our system for ground detection, adjusting some speed parameters in the drone to improve the ground detection. This makes the drone more versatile and reliable for your adventures.

Gimbal Glitches Resolved

This is perhaps the most important element of this update, as the fix will dramatically improve video quality. We found an error in the specs of the gimbal and had previously made our parameters to match them. With the specs being off, the parameters didn’t adjust properly, and the gimbal was exhibiting glitches, such as rotations. This problem has been identified and corrected, reducing the glitches by 90% and allowing you to make more stable and fluid videos.

We are so stoked to see all the videos released by the Hexo+ community! Keep them coming! Make sure to update your app and drone firmware to the latest version to take advantage of the new and improved functionality and footage. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!
Product Manager, Hexo+


Eva's our ever good-spirited, globetrotting and ever-demanding Product Owner. She oversees everything from software, hardware, app, packaging to the smallest details of the website copy. The kingpin if you like, no less.