Bring Your Story to Life with Pro-grade Camera Movements

HEXO+ is more than just a flying camera – it’s a tool to unlock your creative potential and fuel the inner filmmaker in you.

HEXO+ does more than document your adventures—it unlocks your creative potential. Now more than ever, this ability is crucial. Smartphones and action cameras have revolutionized how people experience and share moments in their lives. And in doing this, these tools have empowered them as storytellers, fueling a movement of DIY filmmaking.

At HEXO+, we’re committed to supporting this movement. Our background in cinematography and our ongoing collaborations with directors have helped us realize the true possibilities of HEXO+. And this, in turn, has helped us develop the perfect toolbox for creating compelling imagery using motion. Currently, HEXO+ offers many ways to film one’s self. Camera movements like follow, slide, pan, and hover are complemented by the ability to film things from close up and far away. Soon, you’ll also be able to customize, combine, and create new camera movements.

These movements are an essential tool for creating rich imagery and strong stories. Yet in the past, the equipment that these angles require has prevented them from being accessible to many filmmakers. Luckily, HEXO+ changes this completely. It’s emerged as one of the easiest tools for creating professional-grade footage.

Ilmo was one of the first beta-testers to receive a HEXO+. He greatly appreciated its ability to use a third person point of view to document his story—and to do this hands-free. Undoubtedly, the aerial footage added much to his piece.

HEXO+ Unlocks the True Potential of Action Cameras

Action cams can create exceptional imagery. Yet the footage they provide has historically been plagued by a lack of diverse camera angles—especially if you’re filming and exploring alone. Even with the most robust attachments, the camera remains tied to you. And although this first person point of view can provide a level of intimacy and intensity, it has its limitations. In addition to being shaky, this footage can quickly become monotonous and often lacks context.

When a skier or rider lays down fresh tracks or drops a big line, a little distance from the action can provide a stronger appreciation of the descent. Details like the scenery, pitch, and aesthetic nature of a line suddenly come to life in a way that’s not possible with a first person point of view. No matter the story filmmakers aim to create, this ability is a tremendous asset. By offering a multitude of camera movements, HEXO+ redefines what’s possible with an action cam.

Sometimes, the Best Angles Aren’t on the Ground

When it comes to effective storytelling, movement is often an essential ingredient. It can create rhythm and transport your audience into the world you are capturing or creating. Yet this movement shouldn’t be tied to the ground or take place just at eye level. We live in a three-dimensional world—why restrict ourselves? By taking to the sky, HEXO+ provides a fresh perspective.

HEXO+ Delivers Pro Performance—Without Breaking the Bank

Forget the dollies, jibs, cranes, and heli crew. Thanks to HEXO+, you don’t need an arsenal of technical—and expensive—equipment to create compelling camera movements. With a simple design and an easy-to-use app, HEXO+ makes these movements readily accessible. There’s no need to constrain your creativity.

To catch a glimpse of Xavier’s commitment to dropping big lines and his ability to find a fresh means for documenting them, check out the trailer for his latest film, Degrees North.

Made by Users for Users

We’re deeply committed to developing the best tools for telling your story. After all, our team is made of people who have been searching for quite some time for new ways to tell stories. For proof, look no further than one of our cofounders, Xavier. As a professional snowboarder, he’s been using nearly every tool available to capture big lines and tell stories. In his latest film, for example, he even used paramotors to access and shoot some of his descents.

Yet Xavier and our other cofounders realized that something was still missing. They knew there was tremendous potential for an autonomous drone that could film one’s adventures. Their search for new ways to tell stories served as the catalyst for creating HEXO+. And this passion remains the catalyst for continually refining it.

An Array of Camera Shots

Currently, HEXO+ features a library of numerous combinations of camera movements and we’re continually adding more. You can activate any of these movements using your smartphone. Once you select the desired movement, HEXO+ takes care of the filming, allowing you to focus on your adventures. You’ll finally be able to film yourself and get complete shots of you entirely in frame. You may even want to invite your friends to join you in the action—and on film. And while HEXO+ provides a multitude of camera movements, it does this with minimal equipment. All you need is the drone and your smartphone.


We worked with some of the best filmmakers in the game to develop HEXO+. A trip to Sundance provided one of many opportunities to do this.

When it’s time to start filming with your HEXO+, we encourage you to experiment. The range of movements it provides enables you to expand your creativity and capture fresh shots. The results can be mind-blowing. After all, we are only at the dawn of autonomous aerial filming.

Take a cue from Company XY and pioneer new angles for capturing the action.

We’re continually cooking up new ideas. Ongoing software releases will provide free, updated and upgraded camera movements. We’re also working on developing the next generation of hardware accessories to enhance your experience with HEXO+. We’re stoked about the ideas we have up our sleeves and we’d also love to hear yours. How can we continue to evolve HEXO+ to help you unleash your creativity?


Your HEXO+ team

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  • Hi guys, I was struck by the quality of the sound ( as well as the images) in Llmo’s video, was that taken from the gopro, or a second device. I have seen other quad pieces where you can hear the whine of the rotas, but not here, so just wondering how quiet the thing is.

    • Hexoplus

      Tony, the sound has been captured by a proper mic for Ilmo’s piece. HEXO+ isn’t neither to noisy or too quiet, it’s just noisy enough so when you ride you can hear it a bit so you don’t wonder if it’s still here filming you. Best will be in any case if you want to do proper edit to select a song or capture sound closer to the rider to sync it with the HEXO+ footage.

  • LS Bob

    The Degrees North thing! Wow! No way in Hades would I consider doing that. Just Wow. The acrobat folks why are the clips so short and looping? With 15 minutes flight time could you not get a full chapter?

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