Building Our New Home

Up until now we’ve been keeping you updated on Kickstarter. Kickstarter’s been a great place to get to know you guys, our users. It has been the perfect window display to get our project out there, interact and reach goals far beyond what we had initially come here for. Today we’re moving the discussion to our new home online, a new website we will be building over the coming months. So from now on, you’ll find us here – and in case you haven’t followed the story from the start, here’s a quick recap.


It must have been some time during November 2013 when the idea of enabling a drone with a camera to track its user was born. It was very blurry but we knew we wanted to make aerial filming something accessible. Like everyone else, we had been oozing over countless hours of aerial footage and had felt underwhelmed when understanding how complicated it was to produce. So we knew we had a good lead to follow, because there was frustration.

After some talking, meeting and thinking during the awfully warm alpine winter of 2013-14, we managed to put together a team that could try and make the idea something a bit more tangible. It’s still the same people to this day: a professional snowboarder and movie producer, Xavier De Le Rue; an action sports movie producer, Matthieu Giraud; a business design consultant, Sylvain Montreuil; embedded software experts, Laurent Mangue and Christophe Baillon; a telecom engineer with a management background, Antoine Level; and Medhi Mugnier, an MBA Graduate. People from different backgrounds and affinities that range from startup weekends to immaculate powder runs and basketball playgrounds.

Testing Our Idea

By April, we had figured there were no major technical hurdles and we wanted to find out if our thinking was in tune with what people expected, so we worked on a homepage that explained what our system would essentially do: enable a user to have his drone and camera track him via a smartphone app. The response was very positive to say the least, and as we gathered user feedback, expectations and email addresses, the product we envisioned was slowly taking shape. 2 weeks after we had launched our page, we realized the idea and the expectations were indeed in tune and that we should take this to Kickstarter.

Campaign Craze and Returning to the Real World

On the 16th of June we launched our campaign and ended up raising $1.3M, far above our initial goal of $50K. It was completely crazy. The whole story is on Kickstarter in case you want to take a look.

Since then, we’ve essentially been staffing up, refining prototypes, improving code and implementing user feedback in the system. It’s a lot of work and awesome times. The next posts will keep you updated on the development of the project, our whereabouts and some fancy content from our ambassadors to keep you excited until we finally launch.

Stay tuned and thanks for keeping us busy!


Antoine is a co-founder and our flag-bearing CEO, making sure we know where we're going, we deliver on time and we have the most epic team in the biz. Plus tons of stuff that have to do with management, finances, administration, which most people consider wouldn't consider fun. He does.