The Perfect Pack for Transporting Your Drone

Since launching HEXO+, we’ve always viewed it as a product made for outdoor activities.  Consequently, we’ve worked to ensure that it’s capable of being used anywhere—and at any time.  And to further maximize its success, we’ve made the system especially easy to use.  The spare parts and accessories we’ve developed for HEXO+ are also guided by these beliefs.  These resources can play a crucial role in enhancing your experience—including the time you spend accessing locations for filming.

When it comes to transporting your drone, the right accessories can offer exceptional convenience and protection.  Yet a flying camera that’s designed to be used outdoors—and often in remote locations—requires special considerations.  After all, a bulky suitcase for the drone is far from practical.  As we explored how to best transport HEXO+, we realized that a solid backpack similar to the ones we use for our favorite activities would be the best option.  Ideally, such a pack would allow us to simply attach the drone on top and readily access it at any time.  It would also protect the most fragile elements of the camera system while offering plenty of room for hauling the other gear we need throughout our adventures.


As we began testing products and pushing further into the backcountry to film, we decided to hit up our friends at Dakine in order to see what types of bags they offered to meet our needs.  In case you’re not familiar with the brand, Dakine has spent over thirty-five years designing and crafting premium bags and accessories for action sports and other outdoor activities.  With a focus on enhancing a user’s experience, they’ve developed a reputation for creating exceptional products that are as functional as they are stylish.

We thoroughly tested three different packs from Dakine.  Ultimately, our team kept returning to the Amp 24L.  Originally designed for mountain biking, the pack’s size, weight, features, and ergonomic design met all of our demands.  The drone fits perfectly on the outside of the bag, allowing you to readily access it when it’s time to film.  The pack’s 24 liter body offers plenty of room for bringing spare batteries, food, and other essentials when heading out for a long adventure—be that mountain biking, touring, or hiking.  It’s tested and approved by our team, and we’re confident you’ll love it just as much as they do.



Size and Weight

The pack is especially light yet offers a large volume (as its name suggests, 24 liters) to provide ample room for packing filming equipment, extra layers, and your favorite sandwich.  The Amp 24L easily accommodates the drone, as attaching it to the outside of the pack does not compromise its form or your mobility.


The features that make the Amp 24L perfect for biking also make it an ideal companion when filming.  The deployable helmet carry system enables you to attach the body of the drone to the backpack in just seconds thanks to two adjustable straps.  When not in use, this carry system can be stored in a small, lower pocket on the pack.  The pack’s exterior pockets accommodate the drone’s landing gear, which can be easily removed.  And lastly, the Amp 24L’s goggle pocket provides the perfect place to safely store your camera’s gimbal.

Made for Action Sports

The Amp 24L does an exceptional job transporting your camera gear—yet this would be meaningless if it couldn’t address the additional demands of your adventures. Luckily, the pack has several key features that further set you up for success.  A removable Shape-Loc hydration system offers convenience and ensures there’s no need to be thirsty.  The Air Mesh of the pack’s suspended back panel provides maximum ventilation and is complemented by breathable straps that can be adjusted for any activity.  And lastly, its side and internal pockets help you stay organized and enable you to readily access essential equipment.

The backpack will soon be available as a standalone accessory for your Hexo+ on the shop page. Stay tuned!


Tech Specs

  • 100 oz. / 3L Shape-Loc hydration reservoir with Plug-N-Play disconnect
  • New high flow Blaster bite valve
  • Air Mesh suspended back panel
  • Breathable ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Deployable helmet carry
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Fleece goggle or sunglass pocket
  • Internal organizer pockets
  • Magnetic hydration hose clip
  • Side compression
  • Reflective logo


  • Stephan Perlmutter

    When would we receive this if we order on Black Friday?

    • Hexoplus

      Depending if you hurry up or not, we plan on being able to send it out a week around news year’s eve, either prior or after.

  • JC

    For Sale, New in Box, 1 HEXO+ with 3d gimbal. $1100. Ships within 24 hrs. US only. Contact me at [email protected] for details.

  • JC

    Price drop.

    For Sale, new in box, never flown, 1 HEXO+ with 3d gimbal. $1,000 shipped. Ships within 24 hrs. US only. Contact me at [email protected] for details.

  • Gordon

    Contributed from the start and still no idea from Hexo if I will get it before Xmas…. Nice to see Stateside getting priority over Euro customers, even though Hexo is manufactured this side of the pond!

    Guys, why not send an email to each of the founding contributors telling them roughly when they can expect delivery, before or after Xmas. I’m in the UK and still no email, goodness only knows when those that paid after funding will get theirs, end of Feb?


  • Gary Prince

    Paid for Hexo in Nov 2014…paid for gimbal upgrade…paid for Hero upgrade…purchased additional batteries, props & landing gear. Hexo+ w/3D gimbal and Hero 4 arrived yesterday. YEA!!!! Now waiting (hopefully a short one) for the accessories. Also ordered the backpack from Amazon today.

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