Drone aerial photography contest

HEXO+ is a proud partner of Dronestagram “Drone Aerial Photography Contest” in collaboration with National Geographic
This second edition started early June and will end up by the end of the month, there are 3 categories, nature, place and dronie. Don’t miss your chance to share your pics and win amazing prizes.

Seeing the quality of the content and the amount of people who already participate, once again it’ll be a hard job for the jury to decide who will deserve the prizes. We encourage you to dig into your archives or get out there and shot stuff to share with us your pics and who knows, win one of the prizes from one of the category. There is one day with the HEXO+ crew to win with an HEXO+ units as the grand prize for the dronie category.


Best playground

Soccer starfish – India

Training for modeling

How many sheep can you count?

The most romantic proposal

Wedding rehearsal

All you need is…

Where’s Waldo?

The man, the sea and the dronie


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  • Hey thank you so much for sharing all these information’s with us. I haven’t still started with the drone photography. But it seems quite interesting to me, will start it soon. But still going through the post helps me a lot on the thing.

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