Up Your Golf Game With Autonomous Drones

Sometimes the best shots don’t come from the tee box. Increasingly, they’re found in the sky. Advancements in technology are causing more and more golfers and greenskeepers to enlist drones in order to up their game. Drones and golf can be perfect partners!

Tristan and Pacôme enjoying the panoramic view of Les Gets golf course, before their RedbullCrashedIce season.

Drones and Golf —Perfect Partners

Whether filming a shot or examining the conditions of a course, the aerial footage they’re able to attain is becoming an essential resource. Autonomous drones, in particular, are proving to be especially helpful, which is what would make drones and golf enthusiats perfect partners.

In addition to using drones to examine the conditions of their greens, many golf courses are investing in drones for marketing purposes. Autonomous drones such as HEXO+ provide a simple and inexpensive means for creating professional-grade videos. On the course, golfers are using these drones to film and study their technique. They’re also enlisting them as a means to document each round of their experience. Luckily, autonomous drones take care of the filming, enabling golfers to simply focus on their swing—or rallying the golf cart between holes.


Drones Offer a Range of Benefits on the Course

Before drones became readily available, capturing aerial footage was incredibly difficult—and expensive—for golf courses. It required renting a helicopter and hiring filmers and editors. Today, however, drones have become so affordable that nearly any course can readily attain one. And while it’s especially easy to create aerial footage with HEXO+, the system’s benefits involve far more than simply accessing the sky. Its professional camera movements eliminate the need for an expensive editor and production team. This makes it even easier for courses to create smooth and compelling aerial imagery for marketing purposes.

Autonomous drones offer a range of additional benefits:

  • Thanks to drones and the aerial footage they create, golf courses can develop a virtual tour for potential customers. Such a tour can help golfers better understand a course and develop strategies necessary for unleashing their best performance.
  • Drones can provide greenskeepers with a simple means for monitoring course conditions. In the midst of severe droughts across the globe, golf courses are increasingly looking for ways to minimize their use of water while maximizing its efficacy. In addition to guiding such efforts, aerial imagery can play a key role in monitoring overall turf conditions and identifying pest infestations, fungal outbreaks, and other issues.

drones and golf enthusiasts are perfect partners

HEXO+ is at home on the Course

From the peaks to the beach, HEXO+ is designed to endure the rigors of action sports. Snowboarders, motorcyclists, surfers, and skaters are just a few of the folks that use HEXO+ and a GoPro camera to capture their adventures.

Needless to say, HEXO+ can easily handle a day at the golf course. Thanks to its easy-to-use app, HEXO+ provides golfers and greenskeepers with a library of camera movements. In just a few seconds, they can select how to film and frame their game or the course. A ball soaring through the sky? Dancing gophers? Dead turf? No matter the subject, HEXO+ gets the perfect shot.



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