Reimagining Equestrian Sports with HEXO+

Now that Hexo+ is shipping worldwide, new applications are emerging every day. One such use is with equestrian sports, Hexo+ has been used to track riders and film a range of equestrian activities – all hands-free!

Saddling up with Drones

As drones are becoming increasingly common, new applications are emerging for their use with equestrian sports.  Riders and spectators alike are tapping drones to film a range of equestrian activities, including polo, horse racing, trail riding, and showjumping.  Drones provide a fresh perspective, allowing one to study and better appreciate the skill of horse and rider alike.

Some competitions and events can even use drones to improve the experience for spectators and to assist judges and referees.  Drone footage cast to a large screen, for example, can enable spectators to better see the action or access views they would otherwise miss.  And similarly, judges and referees can use drone footage to better analyze events and make their calls.

Safety First

Despite the benefits drones offer, they can pose several challenges—and this is especially true when sensitive animals such as horses are involved.  Potential risks stemming from drones include startling animals with their noise, stirring up dust with the wind they create, and the obvious danger posed by a flying object with spinning blades.

Luckily, HEXO+ eliminates these risks thanks to its autonomous tracking abilities.  Its auto-follow function uses the drone’s onboard GPS to create a “virtual fence,” which ensures HEXO+ always flies at a certain distance from you and your horse.  This enables you to create compelling aerial footage without compromising your activities or safety.

Autonomous Drones Offer Unrivaled Performance

In addition to these safety benefits, autonomous drones offer other advantages.  Because they require no piloting, they enable riders to concentrate on their horsemanship and surroundings.  After all, who wants to be fidgeting with a remote control in the midst of a scenic trail ride or while racing barrels?

Furthermore, RC drones require an expert pilot to keep a rider properly framed.  This, however, is not the case with HEXO+, as it constantly tracks a rider’s movement.  In doing this, it also adjusts its speed accordingly.  This is especially beneficial for horseback riders, as they often change velocity, readily going from a walk to a gallop.  No matter the gait, HEXO+ perfectly follows and frames a horse and rider.

RC drones also pose limitations with regards to their range.  Often, a horse and rider will eventually travel out of the range of an RC pilot—especially in the case of trail rides.  HEXO+, however, will always be in range, as it tracks you using a simple smartphone app.  You can travel great distances and keep on filming, which isn’t possible with an ordinary RC drone.

By taking care of the filming, HEXO+ enables you to focus on your riding.  Whether you’re jumping, team roping, or out on a trail ride with friends, you can simply enjoy your time in the saddle while HEXO+ takes care of the rest.


  • William Watling

    I have a commercial equestrian opportunity for a UK pilot with world class competitors & courses in the Cotswolds. Testing needed. If we can prove Hexo+ can deliver then you will need to have a pilots license to take advantage of the commercial opportunity. If interested pls contact me.

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