Extraordinary Customers : Romain Corraze

Romain Corraze shares with us his Hexo+ experience.



Groupe 7



To meet Nick Woodman, GoPro’s CEO and get hired by the company.

A roadtrip between Las Vegas & San Mateo (near San Francisco) where the HQ are located.

How long
15 days

Special challenges on the way
Some examples :120 km on a bicycle, a 41km run alongside the ocean, hitch hiking in the middle of Death Valley when the sun was going down, always with a 20 kg backpack (and my Hexo+ of course !) on my shoulders.





How did I hear from the Hexo+?
From the Kickstarter campaign

Why I thought this had to be in my luggage?
Because I was acheving this trip by myself (so impossible to film myself while biking and running for example), because aerial shots give a real « + » to any sort of videos, and also because it is designed for GoPro cameras !

How I packed it .
Inside a Act Trail Pro 34L Deuter backpacker, very nicely using its straps and frontal elastic pocket . Batteries were located on side pockets to allow an easy access to them. The gimbal was always inside its box to prevent it from damages. Propelers were inside the backpack.

The moments that seemed the best to use it for me.
On a very deserted road somewhere in California, while I was biking in the middle of nowhere. Also while running on a cliff along the world famous US Pacific 1.

Why aerials made sense there.
Plenty of space to set up my gear, absolutely nobody around me and amazing landscapes that gave a impressive overview of how big the US are. The contrast between the green grass, the yellow sand and the blue see…Only a drone was able to get all these elements & colors in the same time (while keep on focusing at me ! ).

My feedbacks about the product so far
I’m very happy with the product, super satisfied with the camera movements but here are few comments to improve the current version.

– Drone :

  1. It was a bit painful to pack properly the landing gear inside the backpack (too large at the bottom).
  2. I’ll add some engine’s protections just in case it rains (or provide clear informations that they are « kind of » waterproof).
  3. The gimbal can be improved, footages are sometimes quite shaky.

– App :

The batterie life indications on the app are not really helpful sometimes. (number goes up then down, then up again, you don’t really know exactly how charged is the drone).
On the app inside a camera movement, the schema has definitely to be improved : it’s hard to notice where to click (camera position) and where will go the drone at first sight.

I was really paranoid with the propellers and really wanted to make sure they were properly fixed. I’ve tightened them too strong just before entering Death Valley (still in a fly zone and then missed an EPIC shot) and one of the motor’s screw thread broke.




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  • Keith Greig

    Romain Corraze, Your story was very interesting but it was a shame that you snapped the motor spindle on one motor by overtightening. It would be possible to design and manufacture a simple torque wrench to overcome this problem, if you think it is a commonly, widespread dilemma. As a well travelled Mechanical engineer I was forever having to use torque wrenches of all different sizes. The torque required on the propellers is relatively small and a “wrench” could easily be fashioned around a fisherman’s weighing scale or similar. I wish you well in your new employment with GoPro.

Romain is one of our earliest users. He's doing incredible challenges every now and then, and is very keen on capturing them with his Hexo+. Stunning guy!