HEXO+ is Now FCC Certified!

Greetings Everyone,

We’re honored to announce that HEXO+ has just reached a major milestone: FCC certification. As you may know, most countries have a certification process that ensures products with radio frequency functionalities (RF) do not interfere with other electronic devices. Although certifications vary by country, they typically must be attained before these products are sold and distributed.


Why is FCC Certification so important?

In the United States, certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is essential. Created by an act of Congress, this independent government agency regulates interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable throughout the United States and its territories.

For HEXO+, the FCC Declaration of Conformity–also known as the FCC label or the FCC mark–is the relevant certification.

Similar to the CE mark in Europe, this certification is used with electronic goods manufactured or sold in the United States. The certification process essentially involves testing a product’s electronic components to ensure any electromagnetic interference they generate does not interfere with other electronic devices and is within the limits approved by the FCC.

Earlier this month, several of our units completed the final FCC testing. We couldn’t be more stoked to announce–loud and clear–that HEXO+ is FCC certified.

Meeting this major milestone will enable us to soon begin shipping to the U.S. And as much as we’d like to crack open the champagne, we’re as busy as ever and eager to take flight.

Stay tuned–In coming blog posts we’ll share an update on our production efforts, delivery, and much more!

HEXO+ is Now FCC Certified



  • Jan Willem Maas

    Do you need CE certification before you can ship to Europe?

    • Roger Sharp

      Jan Willem – I asked the same Q on Kickstarter.
      Squadrone replied that they already have CE certification.

  • kilna

    Did any units ship in September as promised? When will we get our final projected ship dates? Thanks.

  • brian valente

    good update – when will we receive our units here in the US? last time it was all units by end of November. Even if the date has changed, please let us know what’s going on

  • actif.tv

    do you need any certification for Canada?

    • Antoine Level

      FCC is good also for Canada

  • Antoine Level

    FCC is taking care of North America, including Canada

  • I’m selling mine at the kickstarter price. Contact me to get it.

  • Alexander Khaziev

    Hi! Does anyone know where we can see copies of the certificates of FCC or CE of HEXO+?

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