The Latest HEXO+ App is Live!

Dear Hexo+ Owners,

As a player in the drone ecosystem, we are responsible for making drones safer and easier for everyone to use. Safety is an essential component of providing technology to the masses, and it has always been a pilar of our company and product. Today we are excited to share with you our latest developments that include some improvements to the safety and reliability of the Hexo+ flight system.

App Interface

  • We’ve added a reminder to tighten propellers and a pop up to make sure there is enough space around you for Hexo+ to fly safely without hitting a building/tree.
  • Landing options: whenever the connection between you and your Hexo+ is lost, the drone will go to the last known position and land by default. You can still choose to “land here” in the settings.
  • Barometer issue detection: we’ve added a notification whenever we notice a problem with the barometer.
  • Low phone battery alert is now triggered at 2%, to give you more room to play, plus with the new lost connection behaviors, it is less scary to have your phone battery die.
  • We also added the Failsafe Compass into the app.


Supported platforms

Altitude tracking is now supported on additional Android platforms!

  • Samsung Galaxy note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Google Nexus 5
  • Google Nexus 5X

The new Apple iPhone SE is not equipped with a barometer, therefore, does not support altitude tracking.


Drone behavior

  • We’ve smoothed out the yaw movement, which should result in overall smoother drone movements and smoother images. Also less risk of propellers flying away after calibration.
  • We’ve also smoothed out the yaw movement when the drone is piloted by a RC.
  • “Come Above me” is now improved: smoother and slower so that it doesn’t feel like the drone is rushing towards you.
  • Failsafe behaviors: In case of failsafe GPS the drone will come to the last known position and land by default. We’ve also reduced the speed at which the drone descends during failsafe landings to 1.3m/s because we’ve noticed in some cases it flew downwards too fast, creating rough landings and sometimes broken landing gear. Also, we’ve increased the GPS failsafe speed to match the 1.3m/s which reduces the risk of the drone drifting away and hitting potential obstacles on its way down.
  • “Follow Me” vertical descent speed has been increased to 15m/s. We realized our users are fearless as they go down mountains and drop steep hills. Hexo+ used to be restricted but now flies up to 15 meters per second, which means as you descend vertically, the drone will be able to drop as fast as you do and make sure you are perfectly framed.

We’ve also done a bit of background reworking that will increase the reliability of the system. A major autopilot rework improves drone behaviors and safety in environments with disturbing magnetic fields, preventing unsafe take-offs and emergency landing before any “toilet bowl” effect can happen.

Now, you shouldn’t have to perform a manual compass calibration unless the app tells you to or if the Sensors Preflight check stays red for more than a couple of minute.

All failsafe behaviors, log collection, popups have been revisited so that the right information appears at the right time, which is quite handy when you don’t know why your drone is suddenly landing;)
We’ve also resolved a series of bugs (dozens), which will improve the ovaerall function of the system.




How to set it up

1 – Download the app (if you haven’t signed up for automatic updates) for iOS or Android.
2 – When launching the app, you’ll be prompted to update the drone firwmare, please proceed.
3 – Once completed, you’ll need to restart the drone and kill the app.
4-  Launch the app again and you’ll be asked to finalize installation, after which you’ll be all set!

Looking towards the future: As you may have heard, we’re working on another development that will dramatically increase usability and flexibility of the flight system. Read more about where we stand in the process.

We’re excited to have so many of you flying with Hexo+, capturing your best moments from above! We’ve made a compilation of videos from our owners group and are constantly working on new ones to share. There’s so much great stuff coming from the community! Check out the footage and send us yours!
Product Manager


  • Trond Hindenes

    Maybe add information that the Android app is not yet live. People get really grumpy when stuff that’s supposedly available, isnt.

  • lesposen

    The double install is important to remember. First the download and transfer then the second final update. I’ve succeeded and the hexo is definitely smoother in its flight parameters. Looking forward to the magic wand and my Giroptic 360* cam arriving next month

  • IM0001

    Curious about the Failsafe, the “Last Known Position” is the last known position of the phone it was following? That seems like it would be a big problem if you are trying to film in rough terrain for yourself, and the drone decides it will land where you were on a steep bank or on water.

    Is there no Return to Takeoff (Home) like 90% of other GPS enabled drones has to make loss of signal a much less scary risk? Also having the drone loose signal, fly up about 20M from wherever to hopefully clear any trees around it, and then descend from that increased hight to Home point would be easier to plan for.

    • That would make sense wouldn’t it. That way you’d actually know where to find it too.

  • Sebastian

    Hi! I’ve read that “We’ve also smoothed out the yaw movement when the drone is piloted by a RC.”
    How can I flight it with a RC? I am trying to find the way!!!
    Thank you!!

    • Dimon Gapon

      double that, how?

  • Would love to see some basic RC controls in the app at some point down the line. Like forwards, backwards, up, down, left, right. There’s bugs in the Android app to be worked out first though.

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