Ramping up! Production and delivery update

Hey everyone,

Since november 13th, (3 weeks ago now), we went through our latest steps validation of manufacturing process for mass production and what you were all awaiting, yes! we mean shipping & delivery.

We want to thanks you all once again for your support, help, push, and we don’t forget to thank some of the most impatient of you that we love just as much as that’s also how we feel (yes we ordered some units for ourselves). Please note that we are aware that not all of you received it already.

This is the reason why we want to give you with this update more infos and a better understanding of our progress. So far it was tough to come with an ETA as we were still building and validating our process of shipping.

Before getting into stats and infos on delivery, we would like to clear out a couple of topics that are important and that we already mentioned – but some of you apparently did not get the info yet.

  • Infos on VAT:

you’ll get all infos in this previous article. In a nutshell, if you live in Europe, we’ve decided to cover your VAT to thank you for your support. If you are in the US, you won’t pay anything additional. For other countries, the only thing we can not cover is the customs that vary from one country to another.

  • Infos on warranty:

we couldn’t update the app without going through another round of validation; “it says in the app that as backer you don’t get a warranty” this is not valid and you as backer will get same warranty as anyone pre ordering it or buying it online or from a store. Click here for more details: terms-and-conditions

Let discuss manufacturing and delivery now.

As mentioned in previous update, we have been working on ramping up the production as fast as possible to be able to guarantee all our backers will be delivered for Xmas.

The excellent news came a week ago from Apple as our iOS app can now be found on the app store. Both Android and iPhone users can now enjoy Hexo+. We decided as the iphone app wasn’t yet available on the app store, we shipped for the first 10 days android users exclusively, and since 10 days now we also ship iOS backers since it’s available.

As in any product launch, we’ve spotted units who didn’t pass some of our final tests. Out of the 100 first units, 13 had to go through quality control once again as they were not giving us entire satisfaction. We took few days to adapt our processes and fine tune our quality control. We’re spending some time each week to review units which fail in those final validation tests, to continuously improve quality of your Hexo+ units. Although it might seem difficult to wait such a long time, this is normal process when a new product is being manufactured.

As of today, we have shipped 549 Hexo+ and we’re ramping up our production to deliver more and more every week!

delivery Hexo+

The way we allocate shipments from now on is as follows: using backers number by order for both Android and iOS users & giving priorities to countries where we have validated shipments, meaning Europe and US for the moment.

We are working on extending our list of validated shipping countries, however, shipping LiPo batteries is sometimes tricky since they can be considered as dangerous goods, and thus can’t be shipped through air transport. This is the case for following countries: Canada (we got two shipments back in our office), Australia (same – but finally got one through and might have found a solution we will confirm next week), New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Qatar, Greenland, …

As we move forward we are working on those countries one by one to find proper solution. Each one of you will received a dedicated email with tracking information when your Hexo+ unit will leave our production facility.

Finally, regarding the delivery of accessories, sourcing and customs took little longer than anticipated, but we are in position to start accessories shipment by end of this week. This means that we will ship some of you with your Hexo+ unit first, and then accessories few days later. Until now we kept them on hold if you had accessories as we wanted to deliver them altogether. It’s not anymore the case and we’ll go back to first come first serve for all.


Regarding ramp up.

We’re happy to announce that a 2nd team has being trained since last week and is now performing 100% by today (Monday 7th) – meaning we have now two teams fully manufacturing your Hexo+ units, doubling our capacity. A 3rd team is coming in next monday, allowing to produce 24 hours/day, 5 days per week.

This will allow us to manufacture and deliver 120 per day = 600 per week. Meaning all backers (for those in countries that are still not clear for delivery, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have news on that side) will be delivered by Xmas. Pre orders will be delivered by new year’s eve and we’ll be able to deliver new orders right away, starting mid January.

We’ll do our best to announce each week, what backer # has been shipped the previous one so you get a more precise idea of when you’ll get yours.

We dif get already some cool videos from backers and also videos that clearly show some of you guys didn’t read the Fly safely section on our website: if you want to fly longer and avoid taking silly risks without noticing it, then read this, find a remote open field and do some sessions to get use to each movement and feel comfortable. Please do not fly in your driveway with trees and people around.

Thanks again for your support and speak soon

Your Hexo+ team


  • Gordon

    As a backer whose backing number is between 2000-2100 and looking at your production guesstimates, I probably will get mine between Christmas and the first week of New Year at the earliest. Looks like I need to find myself another Xmas present… ;o)


  • jagilby

    Hey, thanks for the update!

    Quick question, there are a number of countries that appear to prohibit air transport of the LiPo batteries…

    Is this likely to hamper travelling with the Hexo to/from these countries on passenger airlines???

  • Jeff Kopas

    In terms of Canada, what is the timeline looking like? If it is going to be a lot longer I would prefer it be sent to a US address of mine.

    • Jurgen

      any response here from the team? I also live in Canada and would love an update on when these will be shipping to our country?

  • Abdalla Ceo

    As a client am very upset with your lack of customer service skills. I am trying to get a proper update for a while but no one is replying I’ve sent more than 20 emails with no answer.

    I lost trust in your company and I don’t believe that you will be able to deliver the product that you promised. The only things you guys post is justifications for a failed product.

    Please reply your clients emails, give them proper and honest updates because what you are doing is totally unprofessional and costs some clients a lot of money that I don’t think that you guys and compensate it.

  • Keith Greig

    Just an aside really but worth checking before you fly with your trusty eye in the sky. There is a ban on LiPo batteries being carried as cargo on passenger flights, in most safety conscious countries. There are also individual air operators that set their own rules as to how many batteries, what power, etc, that a single passenger may carry. It is always best to check as these days regulatory bodies love nothing more than making money and causing heartache to passengers.

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