Progress Report – March

Remember how we mentioned we were going to keep you updated more often? Well here you go, an update on the latest hardware and software developments, and a good one: we’re on schedule for our end-march milestone of delivering the components of 15 finalized prototypes for public testing!

The team has literally been working day and night to stay on track and despite looking tight, we’re rather optimistic. Right now we’re fully committed to finishing off the prototypes, but here’s what we’ve been up to since the last update.


We’ve been polishing the current design towards its industrialization, addressing smaller details and removing as much plastic as possible to maximise flight time and minimise costs.

  • We opened vents in the body to prevent ESCs from overheating and optimized the design of plastic pieces to shave off 260 grams, which means extra flight time.
  • We modified the landing legs to make them easily removable, shortened them to prevent them from being visible on the footage and spread them apart more to minimize the risk of the drone tipping over when landing. A specific solution for the 360cam is in the works.
  • We’ve also modified the arms to be lighter and easier to replace if broken, while anticipating possible hardware improvements in the future.
  • On the production front, after two trips to China we made the call on our partners and are about to place our supply orders. Sounds like a walk in the park but in reality this is the real deal, committing to production!
  • We’ve fine tuned the electronics of the flight controller to make production easier and enable future upgrades.

Here are some 3D renderings of the beast:


  • The C++ core of our software, which was already working with Android has been fully tested on iOS and the conclusion is what we expected, it’s working flawlessly – it’s nice to get this out of the way, because in reality you never know until you run it!
  • We’re in the middle of working hard on the app usability, to make it as idiot-proof as can be. The whole point as we keep on repeating, is to make sure the user experience is smooth and simple. Here are some images of our latest workshop, we’ll be blogging about this in the near future too.
  • Our engineers are working on the tracking algorithm to improve image quality: using a higher frequency to refresh your position we want to improve the framing and the smoothness of the camera movements around the subject. More on this soon too.
  • Plenty of work on failsafes being done at the moment too. It’s obviously something important and we’ll give you more insight on the matter soon.

Next up, plenty of blogging to do on specific topics! Next progress update in a month or so. Let us know if you have questions!

Eva, Hexo+ Product Owner


Eva's our ever good-spirited, globetrotting and ever-demanding Product Owner. She oversees everything from software, hardware, app, packaging to the smallest details of the website copy. The kingpin if you like, no less.