Ready to Ship the HEXO+ DIY Kits

Summer just started, we’re stoked to share our latest news. At the end of this month, we’ll be shipping our DIY kits to those of you who pledged at this level in our Kickstarter campaign. This is the first time that we’re placing HEXO+ in your hands—and we couldn’t be more excited.

From films to feedback, the knowledge and experience surrounding the system are about to grow exponentially. This will start feeding us with ideas from users for improving the system, which is awesome news.

Here’s a reminder of what the DIY kit consists of:

  • The HEXO+ Flight Controller—Each kit includes our flight controller, the first completely autonomous system to shoot footage from the air. It’s like having your own cameraman—who can fly.
  • Platform Recommendations—To help you create the best drone possible and get the most out of the HEXO+ system, we provide a list of recommended components and platforms.
  • Smartphone App—Our app lets you capture the footage you want and is extremely simple to use. To create professional-grade imagery, it offers a wide range of options for camera movements, including 360s, Slides, Fly In and Out, Hovers, and—of course—the Follow from Any Angle. Set it and forget—the app knows how to snag unrivaled shots so you can focus on your adventures.

And the best part? HEXO+ just keeps getting better. We continue to spend countless hours testing, refining, and validating every aspect of the HEXO+ system. Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve had three teams testing it in parallel. Whether testing different component configurations or operating systems, we’re committed to creating the excellent product that our backers deserve.

While our days often involve diving deep into code or working with components, we’ve also been spending plenty of time in the field. Recently, we shot a few images with HEXO+ while testing it mountain biking. Check out the footage below.


We’re counting down the days until we ship out the DIY kits. We look forward to hearing from our backers once they receive them. And for those of you who are receiving the ready-to-fly models, we’ll be shipping them in September. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress. Thanks for your continued support and assistance. It’s almost time to take it to the sky.



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