Sail the Seven Seas with HEXO+

Capture the peace and tranquility of sailing distance oceans with Hexo+. Film yourself sailing in beautiful crystal clear blue waters and witness the stunning views from above!

A Fresh Perspective from the Sky

Simply put, aerial photography is in the midst of a renaissance. Its popularity has surged in recent years thanks to inexpensive and easy-to-use drones like HEXO+, as well as GoPro cameras. These drones and cameras allow users to film from the sky with a gentle learning curve.

Although these resources were largely developed for action sports, new applications are constantly emerging. Increasingly, sailors are using drones to film their adventures. And the results are stunning. Sails rustling in the wind, crystal clear blue waters, dolphins jumping, the sun setting over the water—what more could you ask for?

Drones have the ability to change our perspective—especially when sailing. They can attain close-up aerial imagery of ships under sail, which even the most skilled helicopter pilot struggles to create. And equally important, drones are incredibly portable. You can easily stow HEXO+ in the smallest cabins.

Stunning Footage Every time

Watch stunning footage of Antarctica shot with a drone

Before commercial drones existed, creating a video like the one above was extremely difficult. It typically involved hiring a production team and chartering a helicopter. Needless to say, this required a lot of cash.

Despite the cost, there has always been a tremendous interest in aerial filming. After all, it provides remarkable imagery, revealing a story’s relationship with the landscape and portraying scale in a way that is not possible with more intimate shots. Historically, however, the expenses associated with aerial filming have prevented most photographers from pursuing it.

Luckily, drones are now making aerial filming far more accessible. Stunning videos like the one above look as though they were created by professionals armed with a massive budget. This, however, is not the case. Now, everyone can produce stunning footage with a consumer drone and a GoPro action camera. Whether you’re filming in your backyard or in Antarctica, you can easily create imagery that captures the beauty of the world around you.

The Benefits of HEXO+ and Autonomous Drones

Drones can create beautiful footage. Yet it can be difficult to shoot stunning imagery with an RC drone. Initially, such drones may be easy to fly, but they become more difficult to operate when conditions worsen. Operating an RC drone, for example, can become a nightmare in high winds or while sailing in choppy water. Even on calm days, it takes a lot of practice and skill to film with a remote control. And if you want to film yourself sailing, you need an extra person to pilot the drone—at least if you still want to be steering your ship.

Luckily, autonomous drones like HEXO+ enable you to capture striking footage without a pilot. Thanks to its tracking abilities, HEXO+ will always keep you and your vessel in frame. With a top speed of 70 km/h, it can readily follow you long after the sails are hoisted. And the best part? HEXO+ takes care of the filming so you can focus on your sailing.


  • Hodi42

    Nice footage. How do you manage to land/retreive the Hexo+ drone on the boat?

    • Eric Ariens

      I do not think that it is filmed with the Hexo+ and definitly not using the app. Mightbe that they had made an adjustment to fly Hexo+ with an external stiring device Otherwise the drone would have flewn against the ice mountain wall in stead of gaining height and fly over it as in this beautifull movie. My experience so far is that the hexo+ is not precise enough to land on the boat. It will land within a range of 5 meters I experienced so far.

  • RoJoyInc

    said shot with “A DRONE” not a hexo never assume unless it’s stated.
    you also assume the guy is shooting it himself. Likely there is another boat with operator.

  • Faizal Tan

    Dear Hexo+
    Ms Haley responded to my email on 9 Jan about where is my delivery and
    till this day I haven’t got anymore replies. My Backer No is: 1043.

  • Steve Sodemann

    Filmed with GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition and DJI Phantom 2, edited with Final Cut Pro X

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