Get Ready to Start Filming—We are Now Shipping HEXO+!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived—today, we are shipping HEXO+ units to you, our backers and early supporters. This is a major milestone for all of us. Together, we’ve developed the first autonomous drone. This flight system can take-off, follow and frame you while filming with predetermined camera movements, and safely land. These processes are entirely automated and simply initiated with the HEXO+ smartphone app. This allows you to capture the moment hands-free, as no bulky remote control is needed.

You’ve been with us every step of the journey, watching our vision evolve and sharing in our progress. Throughout this evolution, we’ve worked relentlessly to blend simplicity with the ability to create unrivaled imagery. And from the beginning, we’ve wanted to set you up for success. We feel confident that HEXO+ does this. No matter your skill set, it enables you to unleash your creativity.

To guarantee constant framing and image stability, HEXO+ combines a fast and responsive drone with proprietary framing and tracking algorithms. The built-in library of cinematic camera movements—developed with motion picture experts—enables you to create compelling, professional-grade imagery using HEXO+ and your GoPro camera.

We have also attained the certifications necessary for bringing HEXO+ to market across the globe. Consequently, HEXO+ is the first autonomous drone with complete certifications from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Conformité Européenne (CE) and Industry Canada (IC). (Read related blog post here)

Hexo+ Was Created To Give You Freedom

sunset on lake Tahoe with @ralphbackstrom

Sunset on lake Tahoe with @ralphbackstrom

The excitement is palpable among our team—and we’re honored to be sharing it with you. This is an entirely new way of capturing aerial imagery,” explains Antoine Level, our CEO and one of our cofounders. “We are incredibly proud to bring together our experience in aeronautics technology and software development to create a simple, easy-to-use product.”

One of our other cofounders, professional snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue, is especially eager to use HEXO+ when filming in the backcountry this season. “HEXO+ was built with outdoor adventurers in mind, allowing them to live in the moment and not behind a lens,” he explains. “It enables you to capture incredible footage of yourself—by yourself. As a snowboarder, this gives me unprecedented freedom to create and share footage without the expense of helicopters and a film crew.”


We Are Now Shipping Hexo+ To Your Doorstep

We know that you’ve also been cooking up plans for your HEXO+. Now, the time has arrived to translate them into action. Start checking your doorstep for a sweet little package from us. We’re excited for your adventures to begin—and equally stoked for you to share them with us.

Your support has made HEXO+ a reality. And we’re as excited as ever to kick off the next chapter of this journey with you. Thank you.

Also, in case you’d like a refresher, here’s a brief overview of HEXO+’s key features:

  • No remote control needed—you can control HEXO+ with just your smartphone and the HEXO+ app, which is available for Apple iOS 9 and Android 4.4 and above
  • Compatible with most GoPro camera models
  • Predictive tracking algorithms anticipate your next move
  • Operating altitude of up to 16,000 feet
  • Maximum speed of 45 mph
  • 6-propeller design for added stability and power
  • Quick and easy battery swap
  • Library of 12 pre-programmed camera movements that are easily adjusted and fine-tuned.

Thanks again. We’ll see you in the sky.





  • jared joyce

    Hey all- Just like you, we are stoked to get our Hexo to start filming! On this update, you mention that “most GoPro camera models” are compatible- and that has been the story for as long as I’ve been following the drone- excepting some older versions of the GoPro… but- on a post on the 6th of November that y’all made, you say “for now, it’s compatible with gopro 4 silver and black, gopro 3 white and black.” In the media release information you have available on your website, it states “Hexo+ is compatible with GoPro 4k camera and 360cam.” I have a gopro 3 silver… is that not compatible anymore? I’m fine with an excuse to buy another GoPro, but would like that information sooner than later… Can you please verify? Thank you.

    • Hexoplus

      Hi Jared,

      thanks for your message, we didn’t mention GoPro 3 silver as they were not available anymore at GoPro store when we’ve launch our kickstarter campaign, we didn’t think of our backers who had one already, sorry for that. If your GoPro 3 silver have the same size and shape as GoPro 3 black or white then it will be compatible.

      Sorry but I couldn’t give you an excuse for a new GoPro, good news that’ll leave more budget for spare batteries 🙂

  • Jon Desborough

    so excited that it’s now shipping… will be checking the doorstep regularly!

    In my eagerness to get ready for it’s arrival i’ve had a look on the Apple Store for the app but can’t find it… any update as to when it will be available to install?

    • Hexoplus

      Hi Jon, you’ll receive a mail with a tracking nbr when your shipment is sent. We’ll release an update when the app is available on Apple store ( in process and will be very soon from what they told us)

  • Toumaresuri

    Nice to hear the good news! I pre-prdered in April, when am i going to receive my super Hexo+?

    • Hexoplus

      we’ll send you a mail with a tracking nbr once your HEXO+ is getting out of our factory. An update we’ll send in couple weeks ( to give us enough time to guarantee our production pace) will help you get a more precise idea on when you’ll approximately will get yours.

  • Fatman

    That’s a nice new feature… Disqus comment-system.

    Totally stoked about getting my drone in “a couple weeks”! (hopefully closer to 2 than to 7). 😉

    • Hexoplus

      stoked as well on our side to see HEXO+ leaving our factory

  • LS Bob

    Any way to go down on the list. On vacation till Dec 3rd. I would hate to have my drone stolen or damaged by weather because the delivery guy left it on my door step when no one was going to be home for weeks.

    • Hexoplus

      Hi Bob,

      could you please send us your e mail used for ordering at [email protected] with your request so we can identify you and make sure you don’t get your HEXO+ too early? thanks

  • Justin Baun

    Hello I never received a reply on my order or my sponsorship inquiry. Looking back I definitely had the wrong address. Is is possible there might be product available for this season? This is the web series I’m developing that I would like Hexo to be part of
    [email protected]

    • Hexoplus

      Hi Justin, cool vid, we don’t have a sponsorship program open for the moment. if you pre order now, you’ll get your HEXO+ before end of the year and will save $150 and get free delivery

  • Jason Pierce

    say does it attach on the GoPro while its in the protective case?

    • Hexoplus

      the 3D gimbal doesn’t carry the GoPro case.

  • J. Boss

    i am still hoping for my Zano Drone, if it isnt a SCAM. Maybe i have to get a hexo plus 😛

    • Hexoplus

      Hi there, Zano from our understanding was more a flying selfie toy, Hexo+ is a tool that allow to capture cinematic like autonomous aerial footage without any piloting skills.

  • lornagoulden

    Great news after such a long wait, I am sure it will be well worth it ! A few little questions. As we are heading into winter here how waterproof or waterresistant is the Hexo+ ? Can it cope with light showers, damp mist, snow, heavy rain? Do you have info on (cold) temperature impact on battery performance and flight time? Also, I decided to wait until Hexo+ (and 3DGimbal upgrade) arrive before purchasing GoPro (knowing wait would be a lot longer than KS estimate). Being totally new to GoPro was looking for a good overview or advice on which models will fit the Hexo+ gimbal or not. Is there a link to this info to help make the right choice? (And get the camera ready for when the Hexo+ package arrives!!! :-))

    • Hexoplus

      HEXO+ controller board isn’t waterproof, it can resist flying in the mist or light rain shower but long exposed period to wet weather isn’t something you should do on purpose. We hadn’t have the time yet to do testing in real cold environment. As for the GoPro, we recommend to go with the hero 4 black as it can film 4k or 2k7 which will allow you during editing to reframe or crop and zoom in and stabilize still with being able to get HD quality. Please not that compatible GoPro models are GoPro 4 black or silver, GoPro 3 black, silver and white. Some models are not sold anymore by GoPro though

      I hope this help

      Jennifer from the HEXO+ team

      • lornagoulden

        many thanks for your quick and helpful response !

  • Rémi

    You’ve told us that the mobile app will be available for iOS 7, is this still true ?!

    • Hexoplus

      Hi Rémi, we mention iOS 7 when we started the project, our app will be available and working with iOS8 running on iPhone 4S and the one which followed.

      • Rémi

        That’s a precision, but I’m not prepared for that.. it would be cool to have it working on iOS 7 with basic functions, as promised, instead of forcing me to buy a new phone or a remote to pilot the drone. Thanks for your answer.

  • Ride or Die Ric

    WORD TO THE WISE: I was one of the people that HAD to have the first “follow-me” drone on the market and couldn’t wait for the HEXO+ to finish manufacturing. I am an avid snowboarder and had about two months of trips planned last season between Utah, Jackson Hole, Aspen and Hokkaido so I bought the 3D-Robotics Iris +. At high altitudes WIND is a BIG factor. The drone uses a LOT of power compensating for this. On the mountain at Snowbird I discovered ALTITUDE is a big factor in keeping this thing in the air (HEXO seems to have accounted for this with 16,000 feet).

    However, a couple factors never addressed through my questions to them over the past year now. 1) How does the HEXO deal with ALTITUDE HOLD? These drones follow you but maintain altitude, if you are declining on a slope as you proceed forward the drone will follow you but stay at the same altitude while you move further and further DOWN, after about 300 feet in between you and the drone it will return to launch (BAD when launch is at the top of a run and you are now 1,000 feet below.

    2) The gimbals are fragile, NOT waterproof and NOBODY has yet to make a gimbal that holds the GoPro IN the bloody waterproof housing. Landing your drone in snow UNAVOIDABLY gets it wet, and even more the GoPro is on the BOTTOM so it, OUT of it’s housing, is the first thing to get wet. The propellers blow the snow all over the drone upon launch and landing. Still can’t figure out why there is not a SINGLE brushless gimbal, drone nor hand-held on the market that takes the GoPro INSIDE its housing.

    There were some other issues but I have to go to work but these are the major ones. Lastly though if you were hoping to use this to capture ski or snowboard footage this may bust your bubble also:

    • Hexoplus

      Hi Eric,

      I’m sorry that you did get a bad experience with another drone that ours, one that didn’t have the feature we have developed regarding altitude management. For your information our drone does manage altitude, through the barometer of your phone. Iris+ or Solo don’t, you’re right on that point, but please don’t judge our system from your experience with others, it doesn’t make any sense.

      As for outdoor use we do have as co founder a professional snowboard and big mountain legend ( Xavier de Le Rue) who’s is puttingHEXO+ to test and helping our team in developing the best system. He indeed did some testing in the Andes over summer at high altitude and has come back with awesome footage equivalent to what helicopter would have captured and by ourselves.

      Our app will propose different options regarding failsafe scenario so the drone knows what to do when the battery is getting empty, landing on the spot will be one, coming to the user will be another.

      While doing it properly you can film with the GoPro and its gimbal in a mountain filled with powder, we’ll release the footage soon.



      • Ride or Die Ric

        Thanks Jennifer, that is awesome about the altitude hold adjustment. I know that Xavier is a big mountain snowboarder so I was hoping he would work that issue out. Now if we can just get somebody to make a gimbal that takes the GoPro in it’s housing that would be awesome. One snowflake on the lense and the whole shot is ruined.

        Can’t wait to see the footage!!!

  • Jamp

    what about if i buy right now batteries and some proppelers, those things will be ship with hexo shipment??

    • Hexoplus

      Hi there, we’ll be able to send extra batteries with your HEXO+, same goes with your spare props.

  • Moose

    How long do the batteries last with flight time on an average?

    Additionally, how long will take to charge the batteries backup?

    What is the cost for extra batteries and some proppelers?

    • Hexoplus

      average flight last 10-12 min, batteries takes about an hour to charge fully, which is recommended so it last longer. Batteries will be available as spare parts soon on our website, $130 one, $350 for a 3 pack.

  • James Churches

    Ive sent to emails to support an still havnt heard back so ill ask here. My Hexo will be getting posted to Aus however I leave for Canada in three days can I still change shipping address an can I still purchase extras?

    • Hexoplus

      James, please send your canadian address to [email protected], to purchase spare parts, please connect it your personal account and you’ll be able as a backer to get our backers discount available.

  • Allee

    I’m just wondering the estimated time it will take to ship my Hexoplus to Alberta, Canada? I ordered it on November 14th, will it arrive before Christmas?

  • Joskyn Jones


    1. Now that these are shipping, could we have some greater technical info please? It would be nice to know the motor/battery prop details. E.g. 2208 1500kv, 5000mah 3s 30-40c, 6×6.6, etc, etc.

    2. We keep on hearing that these are being shipped and as a backer I would like to know when will I receive mine to the UK please as I’ve not heard of any backers getting theirs yet…?


    • Hexoplus

      Hi Joskyn,
      1) could you check on our website in the shop section for the specs.
      2) we’ll get you a tracking nbr once your HEXO+ has been shipped just like the previous backers who received theirs already and those who will soon be shipped.

      • Joskyn Jones

        Hi,there appears to be NO SPECS in the shop whatsoever with respect to Motors, Props and the Battery gives the mah and cells only.

        I don’t think I’m mistaken…

  • Ronn L. Kilby

    Still waiting.

    • Hexoplus

      Ronn, We have started shipping to our backers nov 16th and since then we are shipping from our factory every day.
      You’ll receive your tracking number as soon as we have it.
      Thanks for your patience,

  • Por fin lo tengo en casa. He hecho varias pruebas y lo que más problemas me ha dado es la cobertura GPS del teléfono, aunque otras app’s de ubicación funcionan bien.

    En este momento he contactado con el servicio de soporte por el Cardan Walkera G-3D, pues de pronto ha dejado de funcionar y la luz verde se queda intermitente. Espero que no sea grave y tenga fácil solución. Alguien más ha tenido este problema??

    Decir que cuando todo va OK es maravilloso verlo subir y realizar las maniobras de la app

    • Joskyn Jones

      Epic Fail…. 🙁

  • Anthony Parkes

    does anyone have the link for hexo’s accessories spage, I’m goin round in circles here

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