Simplicity, Out of The Box

HEXO+ takes the hassle out of aerial filming.  With an intuitive design, it allows you to choose your camera movement and position while also offering automated flight and framing.  And thanks to its smartphone app, there’s no need for a remote control.  We’ve refined each and every detail of HEXO+ to ensure that right out of the box it’s safe, easy to use, and incredibly fun.  

Whether you’re hiking Mont Blanc, dropping a first descent in Alaska, or simply exploring your backyard, HEXO+ enables you to be both the star and director of your own films.  And its user-friendly app plays an essential role in making this happen.  

Smart Phone – Smart Drone

For many of us, smartphones have become a crucial tool in our lives.  We carry them with us everywhere and have mastered their use.  Consequently, it made sense for us to leverage your smartphone’s capabilities to their full effect when developing HEXO+.  Once you receive your HEXO+ unit, just download the app to your phone and you’re good to go.  And thanks to the app, it’s free and especially easy to get the latest features, camera movements, and updates—these can then be sent to your drone via Bluetooth.

Drone UserWith HEXO+, you don’t need a pilot and years of experience filming to begin making your own masterpiece.

Easy to Film

Once it’s time to start filming, things couldn’t be easier.  First, select your desired camera movement in the app.  Then, just hit “Take Off” in order for HEXO+ to fly to the position you selected and begin filming.  Next, slip your phone in your pocket and kick off your adventures.  Start pedaling, drop into your line, open up the throttle—no matter your passion, HEXO+ takes care of the filming, allowing you to focus on the moment.  When you’re done with the action, pull out your phone and hit “Come to Me” and “Land.”  It’s as simple as that.

Easy to Carry

Small in size, HEXO+ is easy to carry.  Its packaging is designed to be used again and again as a case for transporting the drone.  This ensures you can safely and easily bring HEXO+ with you.  Nonetheless, we realize you don’t want to carry a cardboard box with you everywhere.  Consequently, we’ve partnered with some fine folks to offer a backpack that’s perfect for carrying your HEXO+.


Out of the Box and into the Air — in No Time at All

We designed HEXO+ to be readily assembled in the field.  Every part just slides, clips, or hand-tightens into place—including the landing gear, battery, propellers, and gimbal.  With a few seconds of preparation, HEXO+ is ready to fly.  And of course, it’s just as easy to disassemble.

Easy to Update

We’re committed to refining HEXO+ and your experience.  To do this, we’re continually developing new features and camera movements.  By using the app as an essential part of the HEXO+ system, you can readily access these developments to further enhance your filming.  Updating the HEXO+ system is as simple as updating the app on your phone.

We’ve Got Your Back

Should you ever need anything, it’s especially easy to get a hold of us.  Whether you have a question about the system, need assistance, or just wish to share your latest footage, please drop into our support page on the site or reach out to us via chat, Facebook, Twitter, email, or phone.  We look forward to being in touch.

Twitter: @hexopluslive  –  Instagram: @hexopluslive  –  Facebook: hexoplus


  • Faizal Tan

    I have a feeling delivery date will be in 2100…….getting pissed off. so many major events missed. Seagames 2015, WTA Singapore, soon Asian Para games.

  • brian valente

    “Should you ever need anything, it’s especially easy to get a hold of us. Whether you have a question about the system”

    yes i have a need – please tell me when will it ship. i am anxious to hear about this since – as you said – it’s ‘especially easy to get a hold of us’.

  • JC

    This company wouldn’t even exist without kickstarter backers and now they don’t even offer the same warranty as pre-orders. Sad!

    Warranty Info.

    • Antoine Level

      Hi JC, we will provide our backers the same warranty as to other customers Please allow us to review with our legal consultant how this could be amended so it all comes back as it should have been since the beginning, thanks. We know you guys were there since the beginning and how much we owe our backers.

  • I’m one of the backers but don’t need this drone anymore. I’m selling it at the kickstarter price. Contact me to get it!

  • Jacob Guerrero

    Anyone wanting to sell their hexo+? Contact me asap! [email protected] or 8065849542

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