Some Nice Mountain Footage From The Past Weekend

Last weekend, Xavier and some of his buddies went out trying out the latest version of the software in the Pyrénées. Here’s a quick clip featuring some stuff people do when they’re up on the hill.

Features we tested include the improved follow mode, seen here when Xavier’s hiking, on the MTB downhill track, and tracking the dirt bike. We’ll be back with more stuff soon!

NB: we noticed the jello effect too, it’s due to a temporary fix we had to perform on the gimbal that prevented proper vibration dampening. And the black lines are due to the GoPro looking straight into the sun.


Matthieu is a co-founder of the company and has a long history in making things happens in the snowboard industry. He's been the producer of all Xavier's movie and he handles everything that has to do with communication. He also sets the bar very high in terms of footage quality ;)