Take HEXO+ Anywhere—and Film in All Conditions

Sometimes, you can’t afford to make compromises. This is especially true when it comes to filming outdoor aerial footage.

Take HEXO+ Anywhere

You need a system that can be used in all conditions—and anywhere. After all, who wants to snowplow down a steep descent or ease up on the throttle just to ensure a flying camera can actually follow them? Similarly, who wants to limit their exploration, avoiding changes in altitude because of the constraints of their camera? We don’t, nor do our ambassadors—and we’re guessing you also share this sentiment.

HEXO+ is truly designed to be used in all situations. Our experience in action sports convinced us this was crucial. Simply put, to be successful a system needs to be easy to carry yet capable of flying in extreme conditions at high speeds. Needless to say, HEXO+ meets this criteria.

Our motors and propellers, for example, are especially compact. You can also remove these propellers, along with the drone’s feet and gimbal. This enables you to readily strap the drone to your backpack en route to your adventures. And because HEXO+ is activated with a smartphone app and flies itself, you don’t need a remote control. This hands-free approach also ensures you can remain focused on your adventures. Really, you can take HEXO+ anywhere.

Take Hexo+ anywhere

Hexo+ on top of the world in Chile

Thoroughly Tested

Yet these features don’t come at the expense of performance. To confidently say that you can take Hexo+ anywhere, we’ve logged over 1,500 flights, testing HEXO+ in all seasons and in a range of altitudes in the United States, Canada, China, Chile, Switzerland, and France. Recently, we’ve been working with Xavier to test the system in Chile with a range of simulations conducted at 13,000 feet in elevation (4,200 meters). Based on tests in which we’ve flown the drone at 62% of its maximum throttle, we’ve been able to determine that HEXO+ is capable of flying up to an altitude of 27,000 feet (9,000 meters). No matter your adventure, your camera system won’t hold you back.

Thanks to its unrivaled performance, HEXO+ is the clear choice when it comes to aerial filming in extreme conditions. For proof, look no further than its capabilities:

The Good Stuff

  • HEXO+ can fly at speeds up to 45 mph (70 km/h) while following you. Whether you’re riding dirt bikes, driving a car, or charging hard down a big line, HEXO+ can match your moves, capturing your adventures in all their glory.
  • The motors and propellers that make up the propulsion system have been designed to fly up to an altitude of 27,000 feet (9,000 meters). Mt. Blanc, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Fuji—HEXO+ can handle some of the world’s most iconic peaks. No other drone is capable of flying and filming so easily at these altitudes.
  • Its six-propeller design ensures stability while following and framing you and descending. Unlike most other drones, HEXO+ adapts to changes in altitude when following you—it climbs and descends in response to your moves. Whether you’re flying down the mountain or charging hard up it, HEXO+ is right with you.
  • And lastly, HEXO+ is built to handle abuse. After all, we know it’s bound to receive plenty.

For months now, world-class athletes and ambassadors have been testing HEXO+ in extreme conditions—and they’ve been stoked with the results. And if it’s good enough for them, we’re confident it’s ready to meet your needs.



  • etienneler

    Looks very promising, I love to do Kitesurfing video ( https://www.facebook.com/etienne.leroy.96/videos/10153397233713705/?permPage=1 ) , how do you think this drone will behave with 25 mph winds, water environnement and Kite lines ?

    • Hexoplus

      thanks for your message, 25mph is the maximum of wind we’ve been testing our product, water is not a friendly environment and as for obstacle you’ll have to define a position and a path where your hexo+ doesn’t get into any. I hope this help.

      • etienneler

        The kite lines are 23 meters, can I setup the drone to be at least 25 meters away from me ?

        • Hexoplus

          thanks for your answer, indeed, setting your drone further than 23 m from yourself will be possible with our app.

          • Carlos Arango

            This looks great! I, just like etienne, am interested for water/kite related footage. Is it water resistant?

          • Hexoplus

            If it land in the water, you’ll loose you drone but you’ll be able to define a landing spot that is on the shore when the battery come to its end. Before changing the battery and go for another sessions.

  • I’m one of the backers but don’t need this drone anymore. I’m selling it at the kickstarter price. Contact me to get it.


  • John Hoogland

    So it will fly at 6000m easily?

    • Hexoplus

      it will fly, depending on how cold it’ll be it will be a shorter or longer flight though

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