Thailand From Above

“Hello”, my name is Julien and I’m a designer at Hexo+. I’m also a photo and video enthusiast and have been anticipating a time when I could bring a Hexo+ along, for a vacation with my girlfriend. My next trip was already penciled in on the calendar, with Thailand as our destination.

Travel Tips


I used a regular travel suitcase where Hexo+ could fit in entirely. I removed propellers, gimbal and landing gear to reduce size and everything was safely nestled in between my socks, tee shirts and pants.

I kept the couple batteries with me in my carry-on, in a lipo bag (lipo bag is a fireproof bag made to carry batteries). I had no issue whatsoever to travel with them. Only once, did a custom officer check them more closely and since the CE certification was clearly marked on them, he didn’t ask anything more.

On site I used a Dakine bag with an external pocket which allowed me to put the drone outside the bag and use the bag for my camera equipment and tripod as I also wanted to shoot “traditional” pics. The Hexo+ was easy to use and added little extra weight to the pack.

Last tip, be prepared for multiple questions from curious drone fans! 😉
One evening, during a sunset flight at Klong Jark beach (Ko Lanta) a danish guy came to me with his little boy and ask me thousands of questions! He was very impressed and definitely wanted one! He even offered me a deal : his son for the Hexo+!! 😎


Hexo+ use


I decided not to fly whenever it seemed sketchy like around roof tops in the city of Bangkok, on a crowded beach, or where I could see too many potential obstacles.

At the beginning of the trip, I didn’t’ bring Hexo+ where I wanted to travel as light as possible, but I always regretted it. After checking  the footage from a few early flights, I decided to always take it along with me, as it was easy to travel with it and most of the time, a single take off and fly away would reveal way more than anything I could capture with regular means, such camera and a GoPro. I brought 2 batteries and think 3 would have been the perfect compromise of added weight / flight time.


Most used camera movements


Fly out: It’s the king of the movement as it dynamically reveals the spot, its beauty, and everything that is around it.  It’s easy to set up you only need a straight line with no obstacles to launch the movement.

360 Far away:  It shows the world and you as the center point, from every direction. You can get a place from every angle and then decide which angle is worth a screen capture or fly in photo mode to get even better image quality.

Slide sideways: On the beach as it allowed to reveal the whole bay and from above the water.

Follow me: I used it less than expected, only once getting close to a temple.


Girlfriend point of view

My Girlfriend was not very enthusiastic about Hexo+, she thought it was bulky, noisy and time consuming. She looked at it as just another toy in a photo bag. On previous trips, she was already complaining when I took photos with a tripod as she thinks it’s too time consuming to wait for the set-up.


Once she saw the footage, she was amazed at the result. Now, I can’t travel without it as she’s the one asking me to get Hexo+ shots. 🙂



Although I knew the potential of aerial footage, I was surprised by how little footage is needed to really improve the quality of a video. Just few seconds of video, shot with Hexo+, is enough to reveal the beautiful landscape and sites. This means 2 or 3 batteries are way enough for this kind of use. This would have taken 50+ photos with a traditional photo camera and a hot air balloon or helicopter to achieve the same point of view and that would have taken a serious bite out of my travel budget.
I’m very impressed with my Hexo+ and can’t wait for my next Vacation.




Matthieu is a co-founder of the company and has a long history in making things happens in the snowboard industry. He's been the producer of all Xavier's movie and he handles everything that has to do with communication. He also sets the bar very high in terms of footage quality ;)