Tigerbus In The Office!

We invited one of our most vocal backers, Martin aka Tigerbus to come and check the progress being made directly in our office. It seems logical to open our doors to the people who are making the whole project possible and we thought it was interesting to have an outsider’s perspective on who we are what we do and the work being done. So without further ado, please welcome Martin to the blogging stage!

Hello fellow Kickstarter backers,

some of you might know me from my presence on the Kickstarter comment pages as Tigerbus, helping other backers get their questions answered and pushing forward a project I feel is worth supporting. Backing on Kickstarter always means a bit of uncertainty and some faith in a bunch of people you don’t really know, so it can sometimes be hard times for all of us backers. While we pledged a certain amount mostly to get a reward, we actually also set out to help a young startup to develop a product and bring it to the market. Obviously this can’t be all of the story, because actually developing a product for mass production and the general end user means a great deal more than supplying a fixed number of rewards to a group of backers like you and me.

So the question remains: who are these guys anyway? Yeah, they have some funny sounding names on their team, supposedly good snowboarders and surfers and what not, but who cares when it comes down to business and engineering? Does snowboarding develop drones? No! 😉 So there must be more to this team, unless it’s a complete rip-off, as it has been the case with other Kickstarter projects before. How do we actually find out? Right, go, visit them at home where they can’t hide behind fancy posters and media bullshit bingo, as they might at some show 5000 miles from home. It took a while to find a good date, but we managed. Packed my girlfriend and our snowboards (ha!) and drove down from northern Germany to Grenoble, France (holy cow, those frenchmen have expensive toll roads!)

We spent two full days with almost all of the team, from hardware to software development, from PR to product management, from CEO to test pilots, in the office and outside (in the freezing cold!). We met a young and energetic team with various backgrounds from engineering to PR, from business management to graphics. We were shown whichever development they had, we could ask each and everyone about their personal part in the project, no hiding or bullshit answers, just the real deal. We discussed various aspects of the project, technical things and PR stuff, ideas and silly things – nice people all the way. What all this boiled down to after these days is: The team is fully committed and wants to deliver. But most importantly, the structured and realistic approach did actually support my initial feeling, that these guys can pull this off and all efforts to support them aren’t wasted energy 🙂

Since reading long texts might be boring for some of you, we also shot a short clip covering these two days, summing up our impression of the whole situation.

Sincerely hoping this will also cheer up some of my fellow backers… Some of you have wondered about my affiliation with the company, well, there is still none, I’m simply curious. Ok, Matthieu did pay for the pizza on that evening, but I wouldn’t take that too seriously 😉

All the best, Martin + Sarah

P.S. We also talked about update frequency and the needs of Kickstarter backers in terms of information – they seemingly had this on their agenda already and vowed to update you and me more often on things happening… Let’s see!


Matthieu is a co-founder of the company and has a long history in making things happens in the snowboard industry. He's been the producer of all Xavier's movie and he handles everything that has to do with communication. He also sets the bar very high in terms of footage quality ;)