Hexo+ owners update #1

Here is the first of many updates we plan to send, on current topics within Hexo+ life.

We know how important it is to keep you updated on what’s happening and were caught off guard these past weeks, but we’re back up to speed.

The main idea is to keep the communication flowing and give you a more transparent view of what’s been done or what’s coming from our side.


FB Hexo+ owners group


To start with, our community of Hexo+ users, from tech savvy pros to complete newbies, is staying active and helping each other with tips and experience about how they are using Hexo+.

If you’re not part of the Facebook Hexo+ Owners Group, here is a link to join.  This group is moderated by users, backers, and some of the Hexo+ staff, including myself (Matthieu), where you’ll be able to get most of the answers you’re looking for. It’s a place where people gently exchange info and ideas, (sometime with a bit too much passion) about aerial filming, share knowledge, request help, suggest new features, ask questions and post their latest videos. We’re glad to keep on having a family vibe in the group and everyone is welcome to join if you own a Hexo+.


Compass calibration

Using your Hexo+ in different places is expected, as it’s made to follow you and document your outdoor adventures or activities. (start with a big open space to get a feel for all the different movements)

Something pretty common in the drone world is a need to calibrate your compass so your Hexo+ knows where North is and can perform to maximum accuracy. Magnetic perturbations typically happen when there are metal beams, powerlines, reinforced concrete, etc.

You’ll know it’s time for a drone dance (compass calibration), when the following instances occur.

  • During the pre flight check you get the following message


  • The other situation is not as obvious and you won’t know until until the unit starts taking off. In that case, it will automatically land right away, following a failsafe mode, to make sure it doesn’t go further as his compass isn’t well calibrated. Please check the video to understand what the dance look like. It’s easy and will allow you to get it back in the air in no time.



We’re working on including the procedure within the app so that if you don’t have it in mind, you’ll have a quick access to it.


Customer support: a Job Offer

We know we’ve been swamped by a lot more requests than expected. We had issue with shipment and we’re making progress. All requests will be receiving individual answers. We shifted some of our tech team to help out, we hired Beatriz based in North America and we are hiring an extra customer support agent who will be based in our Headquarter in France.


Some off you have seen their Hexo+ getting into a tree or a house, in order to get a proper answer on what technically happened, we need logs and photos and it takes time, sometimes longer than expected, to collect and to analyse them. We take this very seriously as it has helped us to update the app and solve an issue that came from our software early on. All these cases are analysed, to determine if it comes from a malfunction or user error. If it’s a malfunction it gets covered under warranty and is fixed or replaced. If it’s user error, let you know so you can order additional parts and get back in the air. This is handled on a first come first serve basis, so we are grateful for your patience.


Using Hexo+ in a challenging environment

We’ve received request to get tips on how to bring and use Hexo+ in the mountains, as winter in in full swing now. We’ve asked Xavier de Le Rue ( Hexo+ co-founder and professional big mountain snowboarder) to write a blog post about this and it’s in the process of being edited, so you should soon have insight of how Xavier does it.  Here is an episode of his DIY program in the North Face Couloir (known as Mallory couloir) of the infamous Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix. We hope this will also help us understand some of the mind boggling footage and aerial angle we discovered when he sent us his footage.


Coming up next


It’s something we are actively working on so we can send you guys the invoice for everything that has been pre ordered or purchased. It requires a bit of work from one of our developers to make it happen automatically, we’ll keep you updated on the status.

Accessories delivery

We’ve sent everyone an email with the status on their accessories orders, please make sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us (if still not, make sure you’re checking the email you used to order your hexo+ ;). We have started shipping all back orders on a first come first serve basis, based on availability of all of our accessories.  We will keep delivering as much as we can.


Thanks for your interest and support !




  • John Hoogland

    what is the status of the support forum? Hexo is not responding there at all. If it is obsolete, close it down please. This is very confusing.

Matthieu is a co-founder of the company and has a long history in making things happens in the snowboard industry. He's been the producer of all Xavier's movie and he handles everything that has to do with communication. He also sets the bar very high in terms of footage quality ;)