Update : Batteries Delivery (and Accessories)

Hello all,

as it seems not all of you received our newsletter and updates about batteries and accessory delivery, you’ll find both below.

Thanks for your patience,

Your Hexo+ team


Update #2 sent on August, the 29TH

“Hi all,

Following our latest communication about batteries and accessories sent a month ago, we wanted to keep you updated on where we stand on that matter. As mentioned a month from now, since we found an agreement with our battery provider, we could order 2000 Hexo+ batteries.

As announced with the timeline shared with you (see below) we will get those batteries to be sent to our warehouse in 4 weeks for now, which is the remaining time needed to finalize the production (this include certification and packaging). If everything runs as planned we’ll receive them early october and to save time (not money) we opted for airline shipment versus boat shipment, so we can deliver them as fast as possible.

Our provider promised to send pics of the batteries during their final stage of packing right before shipping.  Expect the next update when we’ll get the pics, around 3rd weeks of september. The following production and delivery planning will be kept if shipping and customs is happening as they should. We do not have control over these 2 steps and hope they’ll go as smooth as they went for previous orders.

We’ll share infos on this as soon as we can and when we’re able to deliver batteries to our first customers early october as anticipated. As mentioned in previous update, for those waiting also for accessories we’ll have them delivered with your batteries.

update batteries timeline

We want to thank you again for your patience and are looking forward to ship those batteries out so we can get tons of footage from you guys with your Hexo+

Your Hexo+ team”


Update #2 sent on July, the 25TH

“Hello all,

Thank you for your patience and support through rough times! Our last communication about accessories was disappointing and we’re glad to bring you this one 🙂


Here is the much awaited update about batteries you have ordered and we will deliver, as well as extra batteries we have ordered to fulfill future orders.

We’re very happy about the fact we have reached an agreement with our battery provider that enabled us to order 2000 Hexo+ batteries.

It’s a very good news for everyone, us included, though we will still have to be patient to be able to ship them over to you all and put the remaining of the order in stock as it takes them 8 weeks to produce. Once batteries are built, controlled and certified it takes couple more weeks to receive them in our warehouse and start shipping them to you.
This leads us to the following production and delivery planning, where first customers will receive their additional batteries early October.

We want to thank you again for your patience and are looking forward to ship those batteries out so we can get tons of footage from you guys with your Hexo+

Other Accessories

A quick note on the additional accessories some of you might have also ordered (props, landing gears).
These will be shipped to you simultaneously to batteries (not before).

The next update on the matter will be released when batteries are certified and leaving our supplier’s factory. Although it might be a really short one, it will for sure bring us closer to more flight time and footage captured.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and hope you’ll understand.

Your Hexo+ team”


  • Akif A.

    This is all wonderful but there is no support or reply from your team. I’ve asked for either a refund or delivery of my long time delayed accessories order. The refund has failed! Now your team refuses to even reply. My experience so far with Hexo+ has been a total nightmare.

    • Stanley

      Agreed. Was a great product wrecked by poor customer service.

  • Corey Watt

    Has anyone ever received their battery order? Anyone know if this company is still in business?
    I can’t even sell my drone since my old battery failed and now I have no way to fly it or sell it. 😕
    Wish I spent the money on hookers and blow instead….

    • Corey Watt

      Ps. That’s the last time I support kickstarter as well. That’s 2 out of 3 purchases that I lost money on. Sad

  • Peter Striker Williams

    I was one of the first 50 to back hexo drone on kickstart. Ordered the 3 pack of batteries on the 13th January 2016 and still have not received my batteries. WTF. Matthieu & Xavier I hope your all having fun with your drones snowboarding and filming awesome videos because no one else is

  • Charles V

    Same situation here guys! One of the kickstarter backers. Waiting patiently for my batteries…cannot do anything with the drone till then.

  • Michael Sparks

    jesus christ these comments, sorry people

  • giver

    I too have not received the batteries, landing gear and props I ordered. Nor have a received a single response to any of my many emails and messages inquiring about them. What gives Hexo??? Time to start making YouTubes bashing this company and its lack of support. How’s this for a title? “Thinking about buying a Hexo+ drone? Don’t!” Or maybe “Hexo+: The amazing battery-less Drone”. Or how about “The Hexo+: No pilot necessary. No support available”?

  • Larry Jacobs

    I have the same issue, backed on kickstarter, purchased extra batteries, propellers, and landing gear in Nov. 2015 and have yet to receive anything. Received an email in Feb. 2016 saying they would ship in April of 2016 and that never happened. Truly Disappointed and now seems to be like they stole my money.

  • jerry

    Hey everyone great news I ordered batteries and landing gear and propellers cost over 1k over a year ago just received my order today,,,, better late then never!

Matthieu is a co-founder of the company and has a long history in making things happens in the snowboard industry. He's been the producer of all Xavier's movie and he handles everything that has to do with communication. He also sets the bar very high in terms of footage quality ;)