How It Works

Hexo+ is the easiest drone to fly.
No bulky remote control; just a few taps on your smartphone and Hexo+ takes off, follows and films you, and lands, autonomously.

Hexo+ follows you up to 70km/h (45mph)

Xavier is going Xtreme at Verbier, Switzerland

The users creativity

Ilmo riding his motorbike

Sam, Yannick & friends mountainbiking in the Alps

Company XY creating DOMINO in outdoor

Tom enjoying his run in Chamonix

Julien & his girlfriend travelling across Thailand

Xavier & Beanie show how they use their HEXO+

Thomas trail running in Chartreuse

Ilmo riding his motorbike (making of)

How awesome our users are...

Company XY (Making Of)

Nathalie & friends running along the ocean

Manu and Med longboarding in Death Valley

Matt, Alexis, Ryan & friends just relaxing in incredible spots

Xavier and Victor snowboarding in Chile

Frank’s family riding fatbikes

Ralph, Mike & Tanner testing HEXO+ at Tahoe

Romain and Antony riding the Black Hills

Etienne early season skiing in France

Sam stomping new tricks in Yannick’s backyard