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5-8th Feb 2015

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$1,149.00 USD



$1,149.00 USD
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HEXO+ is a flying camera that follows and films you autonomously. Just attach your GoPro to your drone, set your framing in our app and you're good to go! This package includes : • HEXO+ drone, • 3D gimbal with GoPro Mount • HEXO+ App "The Director's Toolkit" Worldwide shipping included (GoPro not included.Final product shipping September 2015.Pictures may differ from actual products.)


HEXO+ mobile app
Dead simple throughout

Simplicity to sharing. Hexo+ is about a smooth and simple experience. From setting up your shoot, to automatic takeoff and landing, to reviewing, editing and sharing footage online, every step has been thoughtfully designed to make sure filming is fun. Not sifting through hours of footage or using gaffer tape too much.

3rd person point of view
Autonomous 3rd pers. POV, guaranteed framing

Completely autonomous flight, guaranteed framing. No one to hold the camera? Not a problem. Hexo+ autonomously tracks you and makes sure you’re in the shot. And you can choose to capture yourself in action from any angle, front, back, sides, above and everywhere in between, close up or far away. Enjoy the important stuff, the filming is taken care of, hands free.

Amazing Hollywood style

Breathtaking camera movements footage, without a pilot. Easily set how you want Hexo+ to fly and track you to create beautiful shots of yourself in action. Aerial travellings, panoramic shots and other camera movements, once only achievable with high-end production means, are now within your reach. Just a couple of taps on your smartphone and and you’re set.


  • Easy To Use
    Easy to Use
    Set the framing on your smartphone, the drone does the rest; from take-off to landing.
  • Smart and Autonomous
    Smart and Autonomous
    No remote control necessary; HEXO+ follows your movements to maintain your framing.
  • Extra Stable Footage
    Extra Stable Footage
    Hexacopter design and 2D or 3D brushless gimbal for smooth filming.


Xavier de Le Rue, Pro Snowboarder and Hexo+ Co-Founder
In the past couple of years I've been putting a lot of energy into developing all kind of systems to capture creative footage of my riding but things were often too complicated. HEXO+ is the ultimate solution, compact, easy to use, it brings filming to the next level.

– Xavier de Le Rue, Pro Snowboarder and Hexo+ Co-Founder

Renan Öztürk, Director, Camp 4 Collective
As a filmmaker, exploring the world, doing more with less and having the possibility to get aerial shoot in the most remote places will allow us to bring back more of a story to share.

– Renan Öztürk, Director, Camp 4 Collective


Download the media kit