Safety Guidelines


The Hexo+ drone is not suitable for use by children under 14 years of age.

Fly responsibly

Always make sure your camera’s WiFi is turned OFF before flying.

Always make sure your phone and your Hexo+ drone have enough battery charge before flying.

Always fly in areas with good GPS coverage.


Do not fly your Hexo+ drone over any populous area, such as beaches, others people’s backyards, heavily populated parks, or sports ovals where a game is in progress, over gathering of animals.

Do not fly near an airfield.

If you want to fly your Hexo+ drone in any populous area or near an air field, do contact your local aerial authority to get the appropriate authorization.

Do not fly for money.

Do not fly the Hexo+ drone indoors.

When rotating, the propellers of the Hexo+ drone could cause injury to people, animals and property.

WARNING: Do not touch the Hexo+ drone when propellers are rotating and wait until the propellers have completely stopped before handling the Hexo+ drone.

Do not use spare parts and accessories other than those specified by Squadrone System.

The Hexo+ drone may be irreversibly damaged if you allow water, sand or dust to penetrate it.

Keep the Hexo+ drone away from high voltage power lines, trees, buildings and any other potentially dangerous or hazardous areas.

Do not use the Hexo+ drone in wet conditions.

Do not land the Hexo+ drone on water or on a wet surface. This could result in irreversible damages.

Avoid subjecting the Hexo+ drone to aggressive altitude changes.

Do not leave the Hexo+ drone in direct sunlight for long periods.

Small parts may be swallowed. All materials for fastening or packing purposes are not part of the product and should be discarded for children’s safety.

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