Common Gimbal issues

Please reference the following troubleshooting options for most common gimbal issues.

1Not self-stabilizing

For the gimbal to self-stabilize, you’ll first need to ensure that you mount the camera to it. Then place your Hexo+ on a stable and level surface and turn it on. We recommend setting it on the location from where it’ll be taking off.

2Turns upside down

On the backside of the carriage of the gimbal, there’s a switch displaying two options: “1” and “0”. Please make sure that the switch is turned to “1”. This will ensure that your gimbal doesn’t turn upside down while your Hexo+ flies.


This issue may come from two potential known problems that can be quickly fixed. You can check the document on tips to fix gimbal issues to help you ensure that your gimbal is correctly adjusted.




If you’re still having trouble with your gimbal, please send us a message at contact@hexoplus.comWe’ll be happy to help you!

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